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Competitive tennis in a team format for a wide range of skill levels. Team matches include singles and doubles competition. Click for more information.
News and Information updated:7/28/2014 11:15am Captains/Coordinators
Captains' Area

Fall (18+) League

Team numbers for the Fall (18+) League are available here (3.5, 4.0, 4.5). Players MUST use their Early Start Rating published 7/15/2014 for this league. This is the ONLY league that these ratings will be used for. Teams must meet the minimum 7 player roster size, registered to their TennisLink roster, by the minimum roster deadline of August 15th.

55+ League

Schedules for the men's 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 levels of the 55+ league have been posted on this website (here). These schedules have also been updated and published on TennisLink.

Please note that the 7.0 level has two FLOATING matches at the bottom of the schedule. These matches don't need to be played at the end of the season and can be scheduled at anytime.

Early Start Ratings

It’s that time again….. The Early Start League Ratings will come out on Tuesday afternoon (7/15/2014). The ratings will be posted up on the Texas Section website at www.texas.usta.com (go to the Adult Tennis | USTA Leagues | NTRP Ratings page). Once they are posted, there will be a “Frequently Asked Questions Page” and information on how to try and appeal your rating.  These ratings will only be listed on the Texas Section website.

2014 Men's Playoffs at ATC - June 14/15

Results from the men's Spring League playoffs are in. 3.5 - first place: McLeland, Robert Martin, Captain; 3.5 - second place: Hurst Stars 3.5, Manny Rosas, Captain; 4.0 - first place: Old Gang (ATC), Steve Miller, Captain; 4.0 - second place: Hurst Mayhem, Wayne Rigney, Captain; 4.5 - first place: Southlake Pickett, Joel Pickett, Captain; 4.5 - second place: Wagon Wheel, Marc Rossouw, Captain. 5.0+ - winner: River Crest, Rafael Omana, Captain.


Effective for ALL Fort Worth leagues beginning after May 1, 2012

Any team defaulting an entire match will have all players on the roster suspended from all USTA League Tennis in the Fort Worth area for a period of 11 months from the start date of the league the infraction occurred. If a player registers for a team while on suspension, that player will be moved to a holding team in the TennisLink system and the player will forfeit the associated registration fee. In the case of an extenuating circumstance, the suspension may be appealed to the League Committee (ftwusta@gmail.com).

3rd Set Tiebreak format will be used for ALL league matches.

Coman Rotation has been adopted as the tiebreak procedure to be used at the National Tournaments since 2006. The Texas Section and our local league has also adopted this format to be used in Sectional and Local Championships and local league play. Click here for an explanation of the Coman Rotation.
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